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Campsite regulations


1. All guests must report to the reception on arrival. If the reception is closed, please report to the pub.

Departures: please pay by 10.00 and vacate the campsite by 13.00


2. A valid parking permit is required in order to use the campsite. Please abide by the speed restrictions and drive through the site at walking pace. If you find this too troublesome, we would ask you to leave your vehicle in the car park outside the campsite.


3. Pitches are marked with green pitch numbers. Each pitch has a maximum occupancy of 5 people.


4. A permit is required to enter or leave the campsite between 07.00 and 22.00. Please note: The barrier is closed from 22.00!


5. From 23.00 guests are asked to be quiet. If you wish to stay up, please have consideration for your neighbours and keep the noise down.


6. All facilities and buildings are the property of the campsite and should be treated with care. Please avoid causing any damage and do not use them without authorisation. Please do not make any alterations to the small stone dam over the Isar on the island, below the tepees.


7. Please leave your pitch as you would like to find it.


8. Tidiness

a) Please separate your rubbish and put it in the appropriate receptacles in the outbuilding at the entrance to the campsite. Please make sure that any rubbish on your pitch cannot be reached by animals.

b) Please leave the sanitary facilities as you would wish to find them.

c) Please empty chemical toilets at the designated place within the sanitary block.


9. Safety

a) Open fires are not permitted on the numbered pitches or between tents and campervans.

b) Please operate barbecues using only approved grilling appliances, and exercise care.

C) Connect to the power supply using suitable cables that are approved for outdoor use.


10. Protecting the environment

a) It is forbidden to saw into or damage trees, bushes or branches.

b) It is not permitted to fix guy ropes to the trees.

c) You may attach washing lines to the trees and remove them on your departure.

d) You may light small bonfires along the bank of the Isar if due caution is exercised:

- braziers only, no fireplaces on the ground.

- use only dry firewood.

- the cutting down of trees on the campsite for firewood will be prosecuted.

(Note: if you see firewood around the campsite, it belongs to someone else!)

- fires are completely prohibited if it is windy or dry.


11. Dogs

It goes without saying that dog excrement should be removed by the dog-owner using a plastic bag.


Please help to maintain the unique feel of this campsite – we want all visitors to enjoy their time here.



We hope that you have an enjoyable stay!

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